LaGina Glass is an Author, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing Practitioner, Certified Infinite Possibilities Trainer and Intuitive Life Coach. She offers services combining intuition, reiki energy healing and coaching to meet the need of the individual.

As an Infinite Possibilities Trainer, she supports the mission to teach the truth about life, reality, and the powers you possess. Her in depth and personal coaching system, The TICL Effect™, builds upon these truths, teaching how to use the power of words for self-sustaining transformation. This technique will give you the tools you need to make lasting life changes.


It is the understanding of the different energetic qualities of the essential oils, that allow for therapeutic uses. The therapeutic grade essential oils in our products are specifically designed to enhance the life force energy or Qi (chee) present in the body and mind.

Our products are infused with the power of Reiki energy and essence of Aromatherapy for optimal health and relaxation.



“Every individual is born with intrinsic value and divine gifts. It is my passion to assist others in developing personal and transformational techniques to bring those gifts to light in order to live a more fulfilling life. Each person already has all that is needed to live life more abundantly regardless of generational and environmental upbringing; we are powerful beings equipped for success.”

Reiki (ray-kee)

Reiki is a Japanese spiritual healing art based on the principal that there is a life force energy that flows through all living things. The art of Reiki Healing allows one to connect with that energy to strengthen oneself or others. Excellent for relaxation, physical, mental and emotional well being.

Our bath, body and hair care products offer the Reiki experience of ongoing rest, relaxation, health and healing.

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