Always Do Your Best

“If a person sweeps streets for a living, he should sweep them as Michelangelo painted, as Beethoven composed, as Shakespeare wrote.” –Martin Luther King, Jr.

Do your best


Whatever you do for a living, do it with the highest respect; do your best.

As long as you are collecting payment for the work you are doing, you must do your very best. Sometimes our very best isn’t good enough for some; just do your very best. The ideal situation is to work in alignment with what you truly love and that will get you closer to respecting your work.


In the meantime, do your best even in times of frustration. I had an experience working in an environment that was challenging due to the obvious gap in personalities within the leadership team. There was nothing to be done but to honor and respect myself and my work although I was not feeling appreciated for my contribution.


I knew it was time to change jobs or to venture out on my own but what to do in the meantime? Each morning, before I’d go to the office I would pray that I would put forth my best efforts. I admit that some days, this was more challenging than others. 


I however, maintained the integrity of my work as best I could because I was receiving pay and it was important to honor myself and my team in this way. My best wasn’t always perfect but it was my absolute best. And I can be proud of that.


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