Are You Getting the Relaxation You Need by Connecting To Your Internal Energy

notebook-1405305_960_720Internal energy plays a critical role in defining our behavior and our nature. Often we don’t even realize how inundated we are with this heaviness. The effect becomes so strong that it completely transforms our behavioral pattern in an adverse manner. Hence, it becomes even more important to nurture the energy within us in a positive way.

The aura around us is composed of the internal and external energy; the external energy are the world factors which are not in our control but when it comes to the internal energy, the control is ours. Even medical science now openly accepts the effectiveness of this internal energy and healing methods like meditation, Reiki etc.

The prime reason for the growing importance of the healing arts is because they hit the root cause with of an illness with or out support of medication. The healing process of such methods is natural and free from any risk hence, they have become an extremely popular. Reiki in particular, is a method of channeling the internal energy of a person and directing it in a direction which can make them a healthier human being.

Here we will discuss an important point of using internal energy for relaxation. The human mind today is filled with a lot of tension and stress; this fills the mind with lower vibrational energy (like negativity). As the law of attraction says, negative attracts negative and positive will attract positive. This negative energy indirectly attracts the negativity in the outer world making us susceptible to falling prey to all the challenges around us; the negative energy affects us both internally and externally. It has been considered as a prime reason for many diseases like stress, digestive disorders, high blood pressure issue etc.

Techniques like Reiki has gained popularity and infusing Reiki with aromatherapy enhances our ability to balance our chakras; to push out the negative energy and fill the body with positive energy.

How does this work?

The sole objective of Reiki and similar techniques is to relieve stress and make the person free from lower vibrational energy in and around him. Often we have been advised by our elders not to publically display emotions and keep certain feelings to ourselves and eventually, these hidden emotions surface in a negative form. Reiki works on channeling these emotions and releasing them from the body and mind. There are various techniques that make use of internal energy to relax mind and soul, the like includes:

·         Reiki (Aromatherapy) – This makes use of essential oils. These oils have a relaxing effect on our mind and make it cool and relax or energized (depending on the oil).

·         Meditation- This is yet another very popular form of relaxing the mind and using the energy within ourselves to relax and control.

·         Chakra balance – Our body is composed of many chakras we work closely with 7 chakras. The balancing of these chakras not only help in relaxation but has been found extremely helpful in the transformation of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


There are  many other techniques being followed across the globe but the thumb rule that works for each of these techniques is the use of internal energy. Unlike other techniques of medical sciences, Reiki and other such methods make use of the internal energy to cure disease and relax the body and mind. The sole objective of such techniques is to focus on internal energy and use this as a source of remedy.

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