Listen to LaGina Now in this Live Interview as she tells all – Why she wrote the book, how she developed her coaching system and her philosophy on healing and more!!!


In this live audio clip, LaGina explains what it means to be at Peace With The Body. The message: “What  you are looking for you will find in church.”

Listen in as LaGina unfolds her journey to understanding the power of meditation. The message: “Silence is a high vibrational way of thinking.”

Much of the work we are here to do, is inner work. Meaning, the challenges and obstacle in our relationships stem from the early years where we accepted limited thoughts and beliefs about ourselves. Listen as we discuss the message: “Speak for Those Who cannot speak for Themselves.”

In this audio clip, LaGina explains how we move from separateness to wholeness and embrace the true meaning of Humanity. The message: “Banish All Thoughts of Separateness.”