Definition of Success

Path by Fabian Irsara

Path by Fabian Irsara

During my evening stroll I started to meditate on the definition of success. Upon first thought, I attached it to things material in nature and to the completion of a goal. The thoughts continued along this line and I started to sense that this was not true for me.

As I continued to walk and process, I realized my personal definition of success has shifted. Success is not about the material treasures (which I still enjoy and desire more of). Success is about how you feel about yourself. What you believe to be true for yourself. What makes feels good and makes you happy.

Success is:

Waking up in the morning; another day to be alive.
That first sip of delicious coffee in the morning; especially when you cut your intake in half.
The good morning text from a friend wishing you a good day.
That call from someone you hadn’t seen in a while who just wants to ask how you are doing.
The freedom you get to experience; especially when you realize that not everyone is free.
Knowing that we get to participate in creating the world we want; choice is power.
Being open and receptive to being of service; and getting the opportunity to serve.
Being courageous enough to be your authentic self; regardless of what others may think.
Understanding the importance of intuition; the answers are always within and available.

This is just my quick take on how the definition has shifted in my life. Although I have things to accomplish, goals to achieve, and places to travel I am content with where I am now. Regardless of what my life may look like to others, I know that all my needs are already met. This knowing is my definition of success. And I have barely scratched the surface. Yay me!


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