Express your uniqueness

“That each day that you love, honor, and respect your own unique point of view, you’re a step closer to finding a fortune.” -Sarah Ban Breathnach

uniqueThe only true solution to any challenge is the one you chose from within. Many of us seek answers to our obstacles by asking various others, parents, friends or mates for their opinion. Although we may value their perspectives, the best solution will come to us when we listen to our inside voice.

This does not suggest we do not ask for guidance, it is suggesting that we discern for ourselves the best solution. In addition, we have a higher self who works with guardian angels and other heavenly beings available to assist when asked.

Self reflection allows us space to choose what works for our highest good. This work builds self-love and confidence in making decisions for ourselves. We begin to honor our one divinity and are able to follow our internal compass to all that leads to our best and highest good. Be clear and stay positive and our efforts will yield our personal fortune founded in self-love.

Be Blessed – LaGinaGlass.Com

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