Freedom in Faith

“Everyday I stand stronger in my Faith and with that comes greater Freedom.” -LaGina Glass

Day-to-day living can cause us to lose our focus. When we lose our focus, we lose our purpose and that leads to stagnation. When I come to this realization for myself, I rely on my faith.

Faith in knowing that whatever I’m doing, is the right thing to do. If I go for a long walk to clear my mind I trust that is exactly what I am supposed to be doing. If I spend my time laughing with friends, that is what I am supposed to be doing. And when it’s time to put in the hard work to manifest my dreams – that’s exactly what I am supposed to do.

I am learning to listen closely to my inner guidance so I am certain to act in ways that are in alignment with what is for my best and highest good. The freedom comes when I am certain I have done my best to honor my intuitive nudges. I feel fresh, energized and at my creative best.


Be Free. – LaGina

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