From Separation to Wholeness

“There’s a part of every living thing that wants to become itself: the tadpole into the frog, the chrysalis into the butterfly, a damaged human being into a whole one. That is spirituality.” -Ellen Bass


As human beings, we are no different than any other species that has the inherent need to transform. We are here to learn, grow and evolve into our whole selves. For this transformation to take place, we must change from our physical essence into an integrated version of our selves. That is, to merge our physical with our spiritual being.

Although the universal law of oneness has always been, we as a race of beings are beginning to understand this concept because of the incredible evolutionary teachers of our time. As we begin to “work” on ourselves we create a cycle of transformation that sets in motion a renewed connection to everyone. We begin to see that we are more alike than we are different.

We no longer believe that suffering is a natural way of being. We understand and live a more heart-felt connection to ourselves and our fellow beings. Suffering is being replaced by kindness. Love your neighbor and you will see how much your neighbor loves you in return. This is spiritual Living.

Be Blessed

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