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“No matter how carefully you plan your goals, they will never be more than pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto.” –W. Clement Stone

Free_Your_DreamsSZFor many years now I have kept a vision board; like many others I learned this from watching The Secret. I enjoy cutting our magazines and printing images from the Internet. I had the strangest thing happen over the course of one particular week that caused me to reevaluate my board.

The board suddenly fell off the wall and hit the floor with a thud! I ran to the hallway and found the board lying there so I picked it up, examined all my goodies that were pasted on the board. The anchors looked good and all the goodies were in tact so I placed the board back on the wall. Within a couple of days the board fell again, for no apparent reason, and I put it up again. It fell a third time and I was really perplexed but decided to sit with it on the floor.

As I examined in greater detail the contents of my board it suddenly became apparent. The items, wishes, hopes and dreams on the board were all wrong! There was nothing of substance or of a real desire on the board. I had some things that were fun and pretty but nothing that was really in alignment of what I truly wanted for my life.

I started to remember all the pipe dreams that I was afraid to really examine because I didn’t think I could really have them. My thoughts alone were blocks to my manifesting what I truly wanted. In addition, I wasn’t taking any action towards my desires. My job wasn’t going to get me what I wanted and my circle of influence at the time was not in sync either. Needless to say, that board never made it back to the wall. Instead, a new dream board was created.

On this dream board I have all of the dreams that are beyond the dreams of the past. I didn’t hold back any desire and with that I created action plans. Everyday I do at least one thing that is in alignment with my desires. It could be researching a location I wish to travel to or connecting with someone who has knowledge in an area that would be helpful to me. Everyday, I take some courageous action that tells the universe I’m willing to work towards that which I desire.

This act of staying in motion towards that which you desire is powerful! Along with that is an attitude of gratitude for every piece of evidence that tells me I am on track. I recognize and appreciate the signs from the Universe that I am moving closer to my desires. I maintain a high level of expectation for having what I want and an open heart to receive it when it arrives.

The Universe Loves Us – LaGina

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