Truth: Identify the root cause of self-limiting thoughts and beliefs

“There is no passion to be found in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”   – Nelson Mandela


Live your Truth.

Have you found yourself living a lifestyle that is less than your expectations for yourself? Are you drawn to act in ways that cause fire to rise with in your being? How does it feel when you recoil and choose not to act when every fiber in your being is calling for action?

A life without passion is said to be no life at all. We are born knowing the truth of this yet we have created limitations that stop us or cause us to live with excessive caution in many areas of our life. We choose what is safe over what makes of truly happy.

We work in jobs that make us ill and provide no sense of fulfillment for our souls. How awful is it to spend 40 plus hours a week, away from family and friends working for a paycheck but having no personal joy. We can find some happiness in everything we do but in truth, we hurt ourselves when we spend time working in a profession that drains our time and energy.  All we really want to do is work in a profession that feeds your soul.

The adjustment requires for many a leap of faith. We have to honor the truth of who we are and what makes us truly happy. We acknowledge our fears in order to face and heal them. It is then will be able to identify our truth for the purpose of living life in alignment with our greatest passion.  Imagine that.

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