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Signs You Might Need a Healing Coach To Relieve Stress

It may astonish you to discover that organic anxiety is a genuinely late revelation. It wasn’t until the late 1950s that endocrinologist Hans Selye initially recognized and recorded anxiety. Indications of anxiety existed much sooner than Selye, however, his disclosures prompted new research that has helped millions adapt. For many, anxiety is an unavoidable part […]

Aromatherapy, Energy Healing

How Reiki Can Help Strengthen You Within For Spiritual Healing

Lately, there has been a growing importance of spiritual healing techniques like Reiki. The human body today suffers from various illnesses, big and small; t’s hard to find an individual who is free from any ailment. There can be many reasons behind it; ongoing stress, work pressure, personal life disturbances etc. All this works in […]