How Reiki Can Help Strengthen You Within For Spiritual Healing

wellness-285590_1920Lately, there has been a growing importance of spiritual healing techniques like Reiki. The human body today suffers from various illnesses, big and small; t’s hard to find an individual who is free from any ailment. There can be many reasons behind it; ongoing stress, work pressure, personal life disturbances etc. All this works in tandem to and creates an inner dissatisfaction which gives rise to negative energy which is responsible for inner disturbances.

When we talk about inner energy there are two kinds that flow in and around our body, the positive one, and the negative (lower) one. Since the beginning of our life, we have been taught to suppress our feelings, this sedimentation of emotions and feelings clubs together to give rise to the negative energy. These hidden emotions surface in the form of various diseases like blood pressure, heart disease, etc. Reiki is an old Japanese technique that helps in releasing this negativity from our body and mind leaving us with a positive energy. It has been recognized that Reiki has the power to support healing of diseases like cancer and has the potential to help us in many ways.
Before heading further with the process of Reiki, it is important to understand what Reiki is:
Reiki is a Japanese technique and is made up of two words: Japanese kanji. The kanji of Rei means spiritual consciousness and the other Kanji stands for Ki which means the energy of life. Hence the process of Reiki is spiritual healing using the energy of life.

The process of Reiki:

You need to understand that healing is an agreement between you, your Higher Power and the Healer who carries the process of Reiki. LaGina Glass has gained expertise in Reiki therapy. Reiki sessions by LaGina Glass makes use of some of the most exclusive techniques like aromatherapy, healing of chakras, crystal healing etc. Moreover, LaGina has created a series of hand-picked products which consists of essential oils, body wash, soap etc, that can work as a daily assistant for Reiki at home. If you have a sound body which always feels fresh and have a nice environment, the positive energy flows in. On the other hand, if your room or your body is surrounded by a shabby ambiance, it becomes a ground for negative energy which influences your mind and thought. Thus, LaGina brings you a range of aromatic products that will help you draw positive energy in and around you. (
The success of Reiki depends on the healer but the most important role is played by the inner healer which lies within you. It is believed that the inner healer is supreme and controls the system of the whole body. Hence, the first step is to fill your inner healer with positive energy.

Why is Reiki used with modern medicine?

The effect of Reiki in the treatment of diseases has been recognized by medical sciences as well. Many hospitals now have a dedicated department for Reiki. Prime reason for this is that the medicine cures the symptoms while the Reiki technique hits the root cause. It might take some time for the technique to show the result but trust me, and this will change your life forever.
Most of the diseases are a result of negative energy. A session of Reiki helps bring in an influx of positive energy which helps in breaking old traumas, unprocessed emotions, mental blocks etc. The positive energy pushes the negative energy out. Once this positive energy starts working on your body you will observe changes like positive mood, behavior, activated and positive self-esteem.


The crux of the matter is that Reiki creates a way for your hidden emotions, mental blocks, and negativity to move out. When your body is free of the hidden emotions, you become a content soul and that’s how Reiki works for you.

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