When Gossip Backfires

“Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.” – Albert Einstein

Image Source: Unknown
Image Source: Unknown

This reminds me of idle gossip because we may not consider a little gossip as a violation of trust. The next time you find yourself in a conversation with someone about someone else, pay attention. Ask yourself if the conversation makes you feel good about yourself.

I was guilty of this when someone shared personal information with me and soon after I found myself sharing part of the story with a mutual friend. When that story went full circle back to the person who shared with me they lost all confidence in me. Although I didn’t see the information as “a big deal” at the time she was badly hurt. She said if she “couldn’t share the small details how could she trust me with the major ones.”

I initially felt angry because I didn’t think it was such a big deal and I thought she was overreacting. This was a tough lesson for me and one which was difficult to accept. I had to evaluate my own ethics and the truth was a slap in the face. I had to accept responsibility for my actions and earn back the trust of a good friend.

I get it now and I do my best to honor anything shared. I value the trust of a good friend and I practice mindfulness in my actions. It was a good lesson to learn and I encourage everyone to think twice before you share a tale that isn’t your own. We are not to judge what is or is not a “big deal.

Being mindful in relationships will lead to beautiful partnerships in your family, friendships, business and your spiritual life. Confidentiality is crucial and you must be discerning when having discussion. Some folks are prone to gossip and “loose lips.” Don’t be of them.

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