The Law of Cause and Effect

“Opportunities multiply as they are seized.” –Sun Tzu

The idea is to stay in motion towards your desired goal. In order to truly manifest what you want, you must take some form of action in order to move towards that which you want. Many times the “action step” comes in the form of an opportunity. This is the another way of looking at “The Law of Cause and Effect.”

stay in motion - social statusIt could be an opportunity to serve in your community or the opportunity to help a stranger. Don’t pass by an opportunity because you don’t think it is connected to a desired outcome. Check your feelings and match that feeling with the thought before you make a decision whether or not to act. When you seize an opportunity you set the wheels in motion.

The point is this, if you want to make positive changes you must make the best of the opportunities presented. The simple act of acting towards your goal will yield more opportunities that will lead to the ultimate goal. Stay in motion and the opportunities will continue to lead you.

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