Are You Courageous Like the Butterfly?

“There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.”- Richard Buckminster Fuller

LRG-Butterfly.jpgHuman  potential is much greater than any of us could  imagine. Meaning, we never give ourselves credit for the tremendous levels of our intelligence, creativity and capacity to love. This Bucky quotes inspires and saddens me when I consider my own life and the obstacles I’ve overcome. Yet, I often times fail to see the transformation under which I have gone.

My childhood would be like that of the caterpillar who spends most of the day just getting by. He doesn’t give much thought to how or why and like a child is satisfied with “what is.” As we age into our teenage to adult years we are able to give more thought to what it is we wish to change and create in our lives. We have no idea what we are to become.

At this point in my life, I realize my most major life change is happening right now. There is a part of me that’s “looking out” for the bright light to beam from the sky and transform me instantly. But like the butterfly I realize the transformation is indeed an ongoing process. I’ve been coming out of my cocoon all my life.

I am already perfect and divine. I am worthy and capable. I manifest all my desires. I love and accept myself. I seek divine truths. I am in balance and harmony with all that is. I am One with All That Is.

As I reflect on these realizations my personal colors begin to brighten. I begin to acknowledge my accomplishments, my intelligence and my ability to co-create the life I truly want. So, now the fun begins. I start asking myself question like, “what do I really love?” and if I didn’t get paid to do it, “would I?”

My gift of intuition allows me to connect with spirit in a deep and profound. In my book Truth, Integrity, Courage, Love, I share my journey and how I came to recognize my gift. With this gift, I am committed to uplifting humanity, one soul at a time. And how wonderful it will be (and we are now seeing) our younger generations making their transformations well before adulthood.

I am the butterfly and although it has taken me many years to recognize my own beauty I am fully committed to helping others to leave the cocoon and live a truly inspired life. Even the butterfly must be courageous in order to make the transformation. And have you ever seen an unhappy butterfly after it has become? Who knew?

Be Blessed – LaGinaGlass.Com



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