We are Here to Change

“We are here to change. We are here to grow, develop and unfold. We are progressive beings that have infinite capacity.” – Rev. Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith


We are here to change!

The task of managing our daily lives causes us to forget our innate power to create our own reality through change.

We get caught up in the drama we call life and we forget why we are here at all. We must remember the ultimate truth of our purpose on the planet; to change.

We are here to grow and evolve our individual souls for the greater evolution of our collective souls. Meaning, we chose to be here on this planet at this time in these chosen bodies, to learn. We are not limited to our physical bodies but have the ability to transcend and utilize all of our spiritual gifts.

When we get stuck or caught in a situation that appears hopeless, all we need to do is remember who we are and why we are here. It is then we can ask ourselves, what it is we need to learn from this situation before us. The simple awareness of asking from that place of hopelessness will immediately make clear opportunity for growth.

When we begin to approach life challenges from this perspective we are able to gain a higher level understanding of our purpose in the situation and we gain a greater learning from our participation from a conscious state of being. Our growth and understanding from this perspective gives joy to the challenges we face and we no longer view our challenges as hopeless. We see them as hopeful.



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