The Trouble with Double-Minded Prayers

“If you are going to pray, then don’t worry. And if you are going to worry, then don’t bother praying. You can’t be doing both.” -Sister Alice Martin


I enjoy this particular reminder about being doubled minded in your prayers.

In order to bring about the good we pray for we have to believe our prayers will be answered. Mind you, prayers are not always answered in the way we want but they are always answered. It’s important to hold the integrity of our intention.

When we pray, we send our request to the universal mind for consideration. The universe sends back a response to our requests in a manner that is in alignment with our highest good. But what do you think happens when you invite worry into the scenario?

Adding worry to the equation is like canceling the pray request. You are immediately telling the universe that you  1) do not really want what you are asking for or 2) do not believe your request will be answered. Either way, the confusion of your dual message will prevent the universe for responding. You will then claim your prayer was not answered.

1) Ask, 2) Believe and 3) Receive. This is the formula for manifesting your good. Did you notice that “worry” is not part of the formula?

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